The Book


The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado

The Definitive Reference for All the Best Roads, Rides, and Tips

This is the public video hosting site of an exhaustive book on motorcycling Colorado published by Whitehorse Press.

26 Responses to The Book

  1. Greg Lake says:

    Just pre-ordered 2 copies, looking forward to accessing the companion site. Planning to ride from Calgary Sept 2012, for WeSToc XVII.
    cheers, Greg

  2. Miguel says:

    Just ordered the book Steve looking forward to digging into it. I have done most of the rides in the video – even if I cant remember all the names of places, some left to do. High plains raceway for one.

  3. Jeff says:

    I just wanted to see if you were going to be selling any autographed copies or perhaps doing any book signings?

  4. admin says:

    Jeff… Several bike shops have suggested book signings, but these will probably be scheduled in the spring. Some from out of state are sending me their book and I’ll return it signed. Can always connect with anyone in CO to sign the book!

  5. admin says:

    Book signing update… Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson has requested a book signing at their Saturday, October 1st Harvest Day event. Looking forward to it!

  6. Keith says:

    Just ordered my copy and can’t wait to receive it. Steve Farson’s ride reports and videos are the best on the internet…love his riding and writing style..

  7. Keith says:

    Got mine last week…great writing, great detail….will really help me maximize my ride time when I’m luck enough to be in Colorado….

  8. Dave says:

    Just got my copy of the book today and this looks like some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Especially since I’m going to Colorado in two weeks! Great job!

  9. jeff forbes says:

    Got my copy of the book last week. Outstanding job! I’ve reccommended it to all my friends that ride.

  10. Roger Reichert says:

    It’s not often that I find a product that really is what it claims to be – “The definitive reference for ALL the best roads, rides and tips” – Great Job! Very impressive! While I have done many of these roads over the 38 years since I moved here, there a lot I have not done and many more that originate off of routes I frequent that I had never tried. Plus, the pictures and the history you have provided add to the appeal of your book. I have recommended your book to many friends. THANKS!

  11. Titty says:

    Amazing book. Thank you for all your hard work. I can’t wait to setup some new rides for the club. This is a must own for any motorcyclist that either lives in, or is going to ride, beautiful Colorado!

  12. Rick says:

    Definitely the most comprehensive and most useful book on exploring Colorado’s awesome roads, back roads and light duty dual-sport roads. I ordered 2 copies, 1 for my friend in Co. I will be back to Colorado next summer and have already started planning my rides. The only thing you can improve on is to provide GPX files for the rides in the book… that would help the truly lazy and the technically challenged. Thanks Steve!

  13. Doug says:

    Fantastic book ! Comprehensive, great photos, text descriptions, maps and even some history of the area. And did I mention comprehensive?! Tremendous effort and very, very well done. Thank you Steve, from a fellow Coloradoan. And now videos? Wow. Just awesome.

  14. dancoran says:

    This book has a real WOW factor. Great descriptions of great rides. Combined with Steve’s captivating video footage it’s almost like being there … except it makes you want to go to Colorado for yourself. Great job.

  15. PJ says:

    I bought the book in anticipation of a trip to CO (from MI) for the 2012 BMW Riders’ Association Rally at Copper Mountain in June. I’m so looking forward to doing some of these rides. I found the videos referenced in the book, and am now checking them out. Awesome!

  16. Bob Hancock says:

    I bought the book to ride dual sport with friends in Colorado. After 11 days going from one dirt to another I can say this book made a good trip incredible. Thanks Steve for doing the work and making it available.

  17. Randy says:

    I ordered your book for an upcoming motorcycle tour of Colorado this summer and found it very informative about the routes I had already selected to ride. I especially like the small tidbits of information and history about the areas we plan to drive through. I know this book will be a saddlebag companion for this trip and also be used to plan future adventures as it appears there is a LOT of great rides in Colorado!

  18. Murf2 says:

    Awesome book, Steve! Your photos on Advrider drove me to buy it. I hope the internet book site is as good. I sent a request for access. You need to travel more. I could use a book like this for all 50 states.

    Thanks, Murf2

  19. Lu Vencl says:

    I have a home in Woodland Park and I keep one of my bikes there so I just ordered this book and look forward in reading it. Thanks!’

  20. Michael Watson says:

    Great book and awesome videos. I live right outside of Deer Creek Canyon and get to ride many of the Front Range rides often. I am looking forward to reaching out and doing more exploring this summer and fall, if winter will ever loosen its grip!

  21. Brent Hisgen says:

    Thanks for sharing your “work”! Is there any chance these rides are available in .kmz format for Google earth? I live in FoCo, I’m a riding fool and would love to join you sometime for a ride! Any chance you’d host a ride sometime? I could get you to sign your masterpiece for me!

  22. jan gorman says:

    I have owned this book since last summer and didnt realize you had the web/phone app. Tried to go to website but it was asking for a wordpress log in.
    Anyway to access the book on my I5phone? Usually camping and prefer to not take the book – tho really want the maps and info!

    ps – work at Barnes & Noble in Briargate CO Spgs and your book is my personal choice for employee recommends… Fun to see riders discover it!

  23. Steve Mooney says:

    Steve I have your book now and we cant wait to get out to Colorado in the middle of this month! Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge of the State!

  24. Cigar Mike says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this great book. I have created routes and tracks for all of the rides and we are now trying to complete as many as we can this season. You have nailed it. We are having a blast riding the roads you have in your book. There has not been a disappointment yet.

    Thanks again,
    Mike and Cathy

  25. admin says:

    Kind thoughts Mike. Thanks.
    May you and Cathy have special and amazing rides, always.

  26. John Martin says:

    Steve, your book proved to make our recent eight-day motorcycle tour of Colorado an overwhelming success. We based our itinerary on “The Grand Tour” (p.429). Our group of eight was continuously amazed at the beauty that surrounded us. As you recommended, we “put the sidestand down at the Villa Grove General Store”…….. a highlight of our trip! Wonderful people! The only thing I wish we could have done was meet you, and thank you personally for helping make our trip so enjoyable…….perhaps on our next trip to your beautiful state.

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